Semi-permanent tattoo highlights various facial lines (lips, eyes and eyebrows shape) and has a great effect. Cosmetic tattoo is the solution to highlight the natural beauty or to clear small imperfections. Types of skin and external factors contribute decisively on how much you can maintain semi-permanent tattoo pigments in skin. Should last more than two years.




Before and after

About the eyes, are said to be the window of the soul and the eyes is one that invariably draws attention like a magnet. No wonder that most women are concerned with this feature of the image and tries to highlight using the makeup kit accessories. Upper and lower eyelid contours pigmentation enhance the expressiveness of the eyes and add shadows mysterious gaze. We offer you some before and after pictures.

Eyeliner tattoo aftercare and removal

To avoid infections and to ensure great results, is important that these procedures should be performed by an specialist esthetician or dermatologist. It should use gloves and sterilized equipment. Usually there are no complications, especially if the procedure is performed by a specialist esthetician.

Perhaps the most important part of the overall picture is eye makeup. The eyes are the first who attract attention and can communicate a lot about you even before you say the first word.

In general make-up should emphasize a single facial feature, so we want to highlight and favor you more. If we want to draw attention to the lips we can use a more natural eye makeup color. For some special occasions it is better to turn to a professional salon for a safe and attractive images.
Here are some tips for a successful eye makeup:

Choosing an appropriate color to your look. For blonde hair we can choose warm shades (beige, gold) will choose nuate brunettes brown, reddish brown hair and matching shades of peach, pink, copper-colored. Neutral colors like beige, cream fit in most cases, skin or eyes. For a lighter eye color we use darker makeup shades and vice versa for darker eye colors.